hello and welcome! i am veena:

just hanging out with my boy dhoni. mahaballipuram, india. april 2010.
just hanging out with my boy dhoni and staying hydrated. mahaballipuram, india. april 2010.

a few quick things to know about me: i was born and raised in tennessee and arkansas. i currently live in memphis, tennessee, and work for an awesome non-profit that focuses on programs for middle- and high-school students. i love books, travel, sports, writing, photography, and running. i am a self-confessed spelling and grammar nerd. and i love to eat. a lot.

this is where i share whatever is on my mind — my favorite places to eat; books i am reading; photographs; interesting links i come across; life in memphis; travels; and everything in-between. it’s mostly so that my mother can stay updated on my life, but it’s also so that i can have a digital journal of all the ups-and-downs of everyday life.

i have a tendency to sometimes fall behind by a month or two on here, but you can follow me in real time on instagram and twitter if you so desire.

thanks for stopping by!


[updated november 2016]

4 thoughts on “about veena.

    1. veena says:

      Hi Ruta, I am actually not in Bangalore anymore [good reminder that I need to update that page!]. I moved back to the States in early June but continue to have a deep love for Bangalore. Thanks for sharing your blog, I look forward to checking it out 🙂

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